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The Friends of South Boston Bark Park
A Letter from the Mayor- Are you a member yet?

Many may not know this dog park depends on private donations of members to be maintained, insured and a fun place to play!

Beginning this month, a table will be set up at the dog park on the second Saturday of every month from 10 AM to 2 PM so visitors can become members! You can also donate by clicking the button above. 

Annual membership is only $25. 

Please join us!

Many thanks,


Mayor of the South Boston Bark Park
Winners of the Halloween Contest:
First Place- Rabbi Reilly
Second Place- Elvis

Bark Plaza
- Scott Holman, Boston Globe Sunday Magazine

Many forces influence social order- money, peer, fane, lineage, political leanings, and so on. The metrics of animals use are more difficult to discern, at least, to the casual observer. Size? Smell? Behavior?And how do they figure it out on the spot? I have always been fascinated by this at dog parks, which are like canine social laboratories. What determines who chases whom? Why is one poor pup designated as the hunted? How can it be a single dog can leave or arrive and the whole dynamic shifts? I was watching and listening recently at the South Boston Bark Park, a nicely kept retreat right off Carson Beach. The motley crew included a Scottish Terrier in a Bruins get-up, a couple of Labs, a beagle, a West Highlands white terrier, and a few that looked like mutts. They barked, they growled, they mewled, and they tore across the pebbles after tennis balls as if their lives depended on it. Owners and dog walkers chatted near the fence, swapping stories like parents at the playground. With a breeze coming off the ocean and a blue sky overhead, I thought to myself, these dogs could have it far worse.
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